Legal Content Inc. (LCI) specializes in updating statutory and regulatory materials, with an editorial staff that averages over 30 years of experience. LCI currently updates and maintains the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, and many of the uncodified federal Acts, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

All amendments to LCI's data are triple-checked to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. Our data is so current and accurate that the House Office of Legislative Counsel, which provides federal laws to Congressional committees, now uses it.

LCI partners with major publishers and content providers to timely deliver the databases that their clients need. Its data is also used to create, in print and electronic format, customized and current compilations of federal and state statutes and regulations. Primary users of such specialized publications are federal congressional committees, agencies, and departments which need individualized collections of legislation focused on their regulatory area. For example, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure commissioned LCI to create compilations of selected Coast Guard and Maritime laws, Emergency Management laws, and Economic Development laws.

Our data can be delivered in any desired electronic or print format including XML and Bellcode.